Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things are happening for the good or the worst!

Well not much has happened since yesterday....i stayed at Emily's last night and we feel asleep about 11:00 (me and Bridget that is) Emily was up till 2 something talking on her cell phone. She claims that i was talking in my sleep but i do not recall it! So is every one having a good summer? I am having some problems with lets see.....NM. NM thinks that i don't love them when really the reason i haven't been with NM is because of someone close ti NM. And i do not like the way that person treats NM. NM says that person is trying but i don't like how that persons not and i am but NM is always for that person and never sticking up for me. NM thinks that i am hurting them when really i am just getting hurt by them. Please help and give me some advice!


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