Sunday, April 20, 2008


Last night i went to see an Elvis impersonator at the north carolina symphony! His name was Elvis Wade Cummings, I was gonna go up and grab a scarfe but all of the grannies got em. He was sounded just like Elvis it was soooo awesome Thank you Kathriene!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well i dont know if any of you have heard about this magazine called YA'LL. But i discovered it one day and it was the best magazine i had ever read. So it wasnt long after that that i subscribed. I started to write letters to the magazine and one day they sent me a package with a free hat and a bunch of free magazines. I wrote back with a lot of happiness and told them how i loved the hat and reading the magazines because it kept me from getting in trouble during study hall for not reading. The next thing i know the head publisher called me and asked me to send a picture of me in to him because i was a thoughtful reader and they enjoy getting letters like mine. So my picture came out and one of my letters in the next issue. Then i got another a package with a magazine a 50$ check and an autographed picture. THey said they have a new contest that was started by me that any kid who can send them a letter to make them laugh out loud gets 50$ and a free subscription which i also got. So that just goes to show you never know what good things can happen by being appriciative!!!! -WaDeStEr-