Monday, June 2, 2008

MY MUSIC!!!!!!!!

Hey i just learned how to add music to my BLOG!!!!!! So if anybody has a song that they would like to hear then just leave your request!!!!!I will try my best to get the song!!!


MY GAME!!!!!

Well my game saturday went great!!!! I hit the ball every time!!!! I got a double that one time!!!!! It went AWESOME WELL I GOT TO GO PLAY WITH COLTON!!!! SO ILL WRITE MORE LATER!!!!


Saturday, May 31, 2008

For my family!!!

This blog is for my family!!! I am soooo LUCKY to have a family like i do!!!! I mean everyone is sooo nice and helpful when i need them!! Granny Becky i am sooo lucky to have you you are always there when i need you, and the same for gna Betty. Leslie (my aunt my friend) you are always there when i need you i love you soooo much! Travis you always are a goober and i love you cause you know how to have a good time!!!!! Papa Danny what would i do with out you???? I mean there aint much i could do!!!! I love you!!!! Dad you are always there when i need you too!!! I always have to have a man that will love me and i have you!!! Colton you are my lil man!! You are sooo cute and handsome your gonna be a fine young man someday it is soooo hard to see you grow up!!! I love you!!! Emma i love you my lil priss pot!!! You have a since of style and an attitude i never got!!!! It is sooo hard to see you grow up !!! I love you!!! Papa Claude i dont know what i would do without your funny lil sayings and quotea and all your help!!! Emily and Bridget and jeff and Vickie, you guys are always there when i need help thanks!!! Amy Bret hannah olivia and hunter thank you all for all the help you have gave me through thr years!!! I am soo glad i have gotten closer to you guys!!! Momma you have always been there from day one, and i know that we have not been that close this last year and i am sorry, but you know it is not all of my fault. But i love you with all of my heart ok!!! I wish that all of my family membes could get along but you know i guess what happens happens!!

Love to all!!!

What a spell!

Well you see it all started out as a wonderful day, i ate Mexican with my cousins, went in the country store, got a cold coffee, went to mommas,etc. Then i got to guitar lessons and while my teacher scott was tuning my guitar, i thought we were having an earthquake everything was moving, but scott was sitting there just fine. So it happened again i started freaking out and told him he helped me to another chair got me some water and called my gma. Gma Betty took me to my mommas house because first of all she is a nurse second of all shes a mommy. Well i was dehydrated, and i drank plenty of water and gatorade and now im fine, see i had not had much water wednesday or thursday,and yesterday i had only had half a cup at lunch... so it goes to show you need to listen!!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Well well well!

Well the game went good, i guess. We have an awesome team, all the players are good (minus me)! There was only one problem though i thought that the practice lasted from 5 to 6, but it was from 5 to 7! Then the game was from 7 to 9! We were so exhausted, and we were playing a younger team and it was just a schrimage and we still won! I hit the ball got home once the other hit i got out which i should not have been out. See i got to first and just knocked the first basemen down and they thought she was hurt, but no one asked if it hurt me of course i apologized but there was no way i was out i mean, she didnt even tag me with the ball! Oh well we have a game tommorow at 4:00 ill tell how that went! Oh and im also gonna make a list like granny did for her house cleaning she says it works! YOU GO GRANNY UH HUH UH HUH!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

My game tonight!

I am sooo MAD! cause tonight we have practice from 5 to 6 and then we have a schrimage after that from 6 to 8 and it always runs into over time! My coach always says he needs me BUT he never does, i either shine the pine, play left field, or i pitch which i love. i am working so hard on my pitching and i really wooed him the other night becayse of how good i was!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things are happening for the good or the worst!

Well not much has happened since yesterday....i stayed at Emily's last night and we feel asleep about 11:00 (me and Bridget that is) Emily was up till 2 something talking on her cell phone. She claims that i was talking in my sleep but i do not recall it! So is every one having a good summer? I am having some problems with lets see.....NM. NM thinks that i don't love them when really the reason i haven't been with NM is because of someone close ti NM. And i do not like the way that person treats NM. NM says that person is trying but i don't like how that persons not and i am but NM is always for that person and never sticking up for me. NM thinks that i am hurting them when really i am just getting hurt by them. Please help and give me some advice!